Leadership Spotlight – John Ernstes

Get to know CRCBR’s members in our Leadership Spotlight series. In an upcoming edition of The Voice, we’re featuring John Ernstes of Eagle Commercial. John is also part of our 2023 Leadership Class. Check out our Q & A:

Name: John Ernstes

Company Name: Eagle Commercial

Current Position: Broker

Years in the Industry: 3

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

Most satisfying part of your job: Seeing the pride & satisfaction my clients have in the decisions I help guide them on.

Last Book You Read: Book: 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson

Last Movie You Watched: V for Vendetta

Dream Vacation Spot: Tour through European Countryside

Favorite Restaurant in Charlotte: Roasting Company

Hobbies/Interests: Anything basketball or football related or any outdoor activities

One thing on your bucket list: Go on an African safari

If you could have lunch with anyone (living or dead) who would it be and why? Three way tie: Denzel Washington, Matthew McConaughey, Charles Barkley – Denzel & McConaughey seem like they have a lot of admirable qualities, Barkley because he’s arguably the funniest man alive.

What do you like best about CRCBR? The opportunity to build relationships with other brokers on a more personal level.

What’s something that most people don’t know about you? Although it’s not directly about me, Dove (the brand) was named after my dad but he received no compensation / royalties

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