UDO Text Amendments Filed, Review in Process

The first three of several expected text amendments were filed by Planning Staff last week.  They are as follows:

  • The first, and most extensive (RZ #2023-058) will make minor changes that will result in better functionality of the UDO prior to the effective date of June 1, 2023. There are proposed changes in most articles of the adopted UDO. These changes include updated language to provide greater clarity, new and updated graphics, language adjustments to provide better consistency with NCGS Chapter 160D, updated terminology and definitions, reference corrections, adjustments to some use permissions and prescribed conditions, minor changes to standards, and correction of scrivener’s errors.
  • A second text amendment (RZ #2023-057) amends the UDO to allow Multi-Family Attached and Multi-Family Stacked development in the CG and CR Zoning Districts under certain conditions and modifies the prescribed conditions for the principal use Drive-Through Establishment and Accessory Drive-Throughs (formerly Drive-Through Facility) to limit their use in Centers Place Types.
  • The third text amendment (RZ #2023-056) restricts the zoning districts where a Landfill Clearing & Inert Debris (LCID) landfill may be located and modifies the prescribed conditions for this use.

These text amendments will follow the standard text amendment process, with a public hearing and Zoning Committee recommendation followed by consideration by City Council prior to the UDO effective date on June 1, 2023.

For additional Charlotte UDO related information, including details on UDO University, please click this link.

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