Flex Office Sector Proves Resilient: CBRE

By Gail Kalinoski

CBRE’s annual flex office report outlines how the sector, which had been surging prior to the pandemic, held its own during the resulting recession and rise in work-from-home employment. No less than 86 percent of occupiers surveyed by CBRE in September said flexible office space would play some role in their long-term commercial real estate strategies, compared to 73 percent in June.

Occupiers reporting it would play a significant role in their strategies rose to 36 percent in September from 23 percent in June. The Top 5 reasons cited for planning to use a flexible office space were: provide a network of locations for more mobile workforce access (45.5 percent); enter a new market/s (43.9 percent); short-term space solution for temporary dispersed workforce (42.4 percent); reduce capital expenditure (40.9 percent) and test alternate workspace or occupancy models (37.9 percent).

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