NC REALTORS® Webinar: Home is Where the Health Is

Jessica McNaughton is educating REALTORS® on the shift toward the home becoming a work/live hybrid space. Health has become a priority for building occupants, and now also for the home as it transitions to a permanent workspace. Join us on December 9 at 1pm to learn about how the shift to work from home may change what homebuyers are looking for.

We’ll discuss the following hot topics in healthy work space:

  • How and why commercial workspaces were shifting to standards like LEED, WELL and Fitwe
  • Health was top of mind, and Biophilic Design was becoming prevalent
  • Now those same requirements are being asked of the home
  • Aesthetics still matter, stories matter, and health matters
  • How can we accomplish all three at home?
  • What materials in the spaces can help story tell the above needs
  • Let’s talk insulation, flooring, surfacing, wallpaper, finishes and furniture

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