Leadership Spotlight – Marty McLaughlin

Click here to view Marty’s Perspectives Video from a few weeks ago.

Name: Marty McLaughlin

Company Name: Park Commercial Real Estate

Current position/Industry Specialty: Partner/Industrial

Years in the industry: 13+

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Most satisfying part of your job: Meeting new and diverse people and businesses and helping them fulfill their needs

Last book you read or movie you’ve seen: The Irishman / Currently reading book it was based upon “They Heard You Paint Houses”

Favorite vacation spot: Tuscany and Hilton Head

Favorite restaurant in Charlotte: Open Rice

Hobbies/Interests: Sports (particularly baseball) and travel

One thing on your bucket list: Vacation in Tahiti

If you could have lunch with anyone (living or dead) who would it be and why? Ben Franklin – contributed so much to society and I am intrigued with that time period of our history.

What you like best about CRCBR: Networking and friendships.

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