CE Update – March 30, 2020

While all in-person classes have been cancelled through the end of April, CRCBR is working diligently to resume classes as soon as possible, and expect to have synchronous distance learning classes available for the GENUP and BICUP courses beginning in April. We will keep you informed as these classes become available.

You have the following options to complete your Update:

  • Option 1: Participate in scheduled Updates using synchronous distance learning through June 10, 2020. Dates and times for these courses will be available soon. If you had previously registered for an in-person class, you have the option to transfer to one of these courses at no additional charge.
  • Option 2: Rather than complete an Update course via synchronous distance learning, students can take the 90 day deferral option if they prefer to complete courses at a later date when in-person classes resume. If you have previously registered for an in-person course, your registration will be transferred when the NCREC suspension of in-person classes and the Governor’s Stay At Home Order have ended.  You can take your make up classes in July, August or September.  You need to make up THE HOURS you missed for this c.e. year, 4 or 8.

If you take the 90 day deferral option and do not take the Update by June 10, 2020 (but took an elective), then after July 1 you will have to take an elective to replace the 19-20 update hours missed (4) before September 30, 2020. If you do not take the Update or an elective by June 10, 2020, you will need to take 2 electives by September 30, 2020 to replace the hours missed (8).

You will then proceed as usual for the 20-21 license year and take the applicable 2020-2021 Update and an elective by June 10, 2021.

In any case, YOU MUST RENEW YOUR LICENSE BY 6/30/2020. You do not need to be current with your c.e. to renew your license. License renewal is 5/15/2020 – 6/30/2020. There are no grace periods or extensions offered.

At this time, synchronous distance learning will not be offered for commercial elective courses. In-person elective courses will resume after the NCREC suspension is lifted. Additionally, online elective courses are available now. Click here for more information.

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