CALL FOR ACTION: Tell Commissioner Causey to Oppose Insurance Increases for Homeowners

In just a few short weeks, more than 3,600 emails have been sent to Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey to ask him to reject the proposed 17.4 percent increase in homeowners insurance rates. Have you taken action? We are less than 900 emails away from our first goal of 4,500 action takers (which is 10% of our membership).


Any rate increase will negatively impact the decision-making of your clients and ultimately the state’s real estate industry. Just a couple of percent increase in insurance rates can mean hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars in additional costs that will have to be borne by the homeowner. While the average rate increase requested is only 17.4 percent, some communities across the state could see up to a 30 percent increase.

Tell Commissioner Causey to protect North Carolina’s real estate industry!

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